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Biola Lacrosse in Las Vegas, NV (7)

Saturday, March 15, 2003

photos by Josh Bouck, John Tiffin, and Adam Weitz

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After leaving the Crown and Anchor, the Eagles explored the Las Vegas Strip. It turned out to be a lot of walking.
Adam Weitz and John LaDue pose in front of Ballys.
Ryan, Stitch, Josh, Sean, Tim, Aaron, Josh, and Christof take a picture in front of the MGM. We were trying to find the sharks but that story is not worth telling. They were closed.
Treasure island was a hoot. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Josh Bouck chills by the rail outside of the Bellagio donning his new magical sneakers.
The water show at the Bellagio was great but the hotel would not let us take a team picture inside the vault. We told them the bags were for our lacrosse equipment.
Sunday, March 16, 2003
Christof lead us in worship, we went over the departure plans, and then checked out of the hotel. We stopped at Buffalo Bill's for a buffet at Stateline then sat through an agonizing 6 hours of traffic to get to La Mirada. The End.

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