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Biola Lacrosse in Las Vegas, NV (5)

Saturday, March 15, 2003

photos by Josh Bouck, John Tiffin, and Adam Weitz

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We show up at the field for a 10 am game at the UNLV football practice field. We beat Western State College in Colorado, 10-9 in overtime.
Josh Agadoni looks to see if anyone is watching so he can change. The next photo in this series was deleted.
Adam Weitz is ready for the big game and the chance to wear the coveted red jersey.
Chris, Christof, and Jacob get ready for the game. Chris has his game face on and Jacob is apparently very cold, look even his gloves have turned blue.
As if two games in row wasn't tiring, Stitch decided to help ref the game after ours. I don't think those shorts are standard issue.
John Tiffin, Sean Connally and Dave Crandall are caught in candid photo while watching Stitch ref the Western vs UNLV game. John seems to be saying here,"No more pictures in front the Grand Canyon Dad, okay."
The Eagles are ready for some fellowship with the other teams, Western and UNLV.

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