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Biola struggles with USC

Junior Adam Kane brings the ball upfield - Photo by E.M. Connally

2/23/02 - Biola fought hard against the USC Trojans but fell short 18- 3. The Eagles continue to show improvement in all areas. With a total of two years of experience collectively, the team fought hard and kept the game intense. USC's ball control and scoring from the midfield proved the difference in the game.

All the Eagles goals came from the scoring of Junior Sean Connally. Freshman Goalie Jared Miller held strong in the goal with 16 saves and 16 goals allowed on 43 shots.


Biola battles Claremont

2/9/02 - The Eagles suffered a tough loss to Claremont Colleges 18-1 in their home opener. Before a large crowd attending the first ever lacrosse game at Biola, Junior Adam Kane scored the team's only goal. Freshman Dave Caminiti had the assist.

While Kane led the team in scoring for the game, he suffered a season ending knee injury.

"It sucks," said Kane, "It doesn't look like I will play." The team tore their uniforms in sorrow.

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Junior Adam Kane brings the ball upfield - Photo by E.M. Connally

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