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Biola falls to SDSU at home

Freshman attackman Josh Agadoni lead the Eagles in scoring with 3 goals.

Photo by R.A. Agadoni

The Aztecs called time-out when they realized that Biola took the lead. Afterwards, they scored two goals to regain the lead before the second quarter. SDSU put together two more goals in the second quarter but Biola hung on tight. The Eagles put together one goal from Senior Ryan Agadoni who assisted Crandall on a fast break in the second quarter to make score 4-6 at half.

SDSU unloaded in the third quarter scoring 6 goals compared to Biola’s one by Freshman Josh Agadoni. By the start of the fourth quarter, Biola regained its composure and slowed the Aztec offense to five goals and responded with three of their own.

The Aztecs had played a clean game up until the fourth quarter when they committed two penalties. Tiffin drew a 1:00 minute slash penalty from the Aztec goalie and Biola made them pay. The Eagles picked apart the Aztec man-down defense and Josh Agadoni fired a goal through the back-up goalie. Agadoni would score again three minutes later with an assist from Crandall. Then SDSU committed another penalty of which the Eagles took advantage. Crandall assisted Campbell who scored his second goal of the day. Crandall finished with 2 goals and 3 assists.

The Eagles ended the day down by 9 goals but have made huge improvements in the season and have continued to play with heart until the final whistle. Even the Aztec coaches noted drastic improvement from last season's contest. Glory and thanks be to God.

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3/1/03 - The Biola Eagles suffered their first loss at home to the San Diego State Aztecs, 17-8. Biola held with the strong Aztecs for three quarters but a harsh second half proved the difference in the game.

The Aztecs opened up the scoring with two scores in the first five minutes of the game. Biola retaliated with a goal from Freshman Duncan Campbell who picked up a loose ball on the crease and dunked it in.

On the next possession, Biola scored again when Senior Captain Dave Crandall beat a double team and found a wide-open Senior Captain Sean Connally who rocketed it in from the right side. Biola took the lead a minute later when Crandall scored his own goal with an assist from Senior John Tiffin.


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