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Biola loses one to USD, 12-3

Senior Jamin Reynolds showed great heart by playing on a severely twisted ankle. (Photo by E.M. Connally)

3/23/02 - The USD Toreros received a wake-up call in the first quarter when they found themselves tied 2-2. In the second, Biola went up by one and then USD decided to play, scoring nine more to finish the game. The excellent play by Freshman Goalie Jared Miller and Senior Defenseman Jamin Reynolds helped hold the game within reach for Biola but USD's offensive ball control proved the difference in the game.

Biola goals came from Juniors Sean Connally, Dave Crandall, and Jason Bonilla who had one a piece. Junior John Tiffin had one assist. Junior Ryan Agadoni exhibited great effort and hustle by continuing to push himself. The Eagles finished the season 1-6.


Eagles take on Pepperdine

3/17/02 - The Eagles suffered a loss to the Pepperdine Waves 19-3. Biola got into the game early with three goals in the first quarter. They led that entire quarter until the second where Pepperdine began a seventeen goal run that spanned the entire game.

The Eagles' scoring came from Junior Dave Crandall, Sophomore John LaDue, and Freshman Daniel Schmidt who had one goal each. Senior Jamin Reynold recorded his first assist of the season before suffering an ankle injury.


Junior Dave Crandall helped the offense score against a tough Pepperdine defense. (Photo by E.M. Connally)

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