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New Coach

Last Week, I posted a job opening for head coach of our team on the a few Lacrosse internet sites. So far, we have had one entry. Brent Holmes, a 23 year old youth league coach from New Hampshire, has expressed interest. What do you guys think? Email me and I'll tell you more.

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This Week's Article: Throwing on the wall

The best thing a new lacrosse player can do is to throw on the wall daily. Doing wall drills help hone a player's throwing accuracy and strength, in addition to his catching. So pick up your stick, ball, and gloves (if you have them) and head to the nearest solid surface.


TOP TEN Things to do this Summer for Biola Lacrosse

Weekly Articles

  1. Check our web site for updates and info
  2. Save your money
  3. Exercise (Yes the beach is exercise)
  4. Buy a lacrosse stick and ball
  5. Practice your stick work on the wall
  6. Decide how you can be a team leader
  7. Recruit a friend from Biola
  8. Email Sean with any questions
  9. Watch Lacrosse on TV or internet
  10. Stay hyped
  1. Buying a Stick for the First Time
  2. Throwing on the Wall

Lacrosse Audio Tips on the Web

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Learn how to play the game right with expert tips from great players like Casey Powell, Trevor Tierney, Damion Davis, and more.>>>>>>

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