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Major League Lacrosse opens Season

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Bayhawks Outlast Lizards in MLL Opener MLL

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The state of Maryland and Long Island renewed lacrosse's most-heated regional rivalry last night, this time in the form of the inaugural game of Major League Lacrosse.

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Club News

This month I will be writing an email to the WCLL, telling them that we plan to join their league next spring. Next, they will ask a representative to come to their league meeting in September. The rep will present our team to the board members and they will decide if we can fulfill the duties of being members. If they accept us, we will pay reduced fees and will have six games in Spring '02. We will have a lot of fun next year, but we will have to do a lot of work also.

TOP TEN Things to do this Summer for Biola Lacrosse

Weekly Articles

  1. Check our web site for updates and info
  2. Save your money
  3. Exercise (Yes the beach is exercise)
  4. Buy a lacrosse stick and ball
  5. Practice your stick work on the wall
  6. Decide how you can be a team leader
  7. Recruit a friend from Biola
  8. Email Sean with any questions
  9. Watch Lacrosse on TV or internet
  10. Stay hyped
  1. Buying a Stick for the First Time
  2. Throwing on the Wall

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